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Günther Schlee 2008


Visit to a market. Assembly of elders. Initiated elders, halaqa, and common ones can be distinguished by the metal applications to their sticks. Photographs.

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The area is functionally articulated into carefully terraced agricultural lands, sacred groves around the graves of qawot, and communal pastures, administered by certain lineages. The sign that a given slope is closed for grazing, to allow the grass to re-grow, is a bamboo stalk planted in it.

Tall bamboo poles, which are annually renewed, also mark the assembly places, where one finds round stone settings and other spatial subdivisions. All this lends itself to visual documentation. In his work in progress within the property research group of our institute, Tadesse should be encouraged to include photographs and maps.

Young musician

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People here eat root crops and maize cakes and balls of all shapes and consistencies. Sour milk, sour beer. I get sick and take arake for medical reasons. It is the only thing that tastes good up here.

I freeze and suffer from diarrhea. It is time to get back to the lowlands.