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>Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

Günther Schlee 2008


In Chencha town I get some tea, bread and cake, which I hope to be able to digest. Visit to Eezo market north of Chencha. Back to Arba Minch (see map 12).

Lat. 6° 18′ 9.35″ N / Long. 37° 33′ 56.43″ E

The highest point between Arba Minch and Soddo, altitude 2923 m (photograph)

Lat. 6° 21′ 7.05″ N / Long. 37° 35′ 40.11″ E

Eezo market. One man has an ear ring. This is the mark of a 'killer'. He says he has killed people in both wars with Eritrea (photographed, film up to No. 18)

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